Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Southern Pines and Cameron

Southwest of Raleigh, about 80 miles / 90 min from NE Raleigh Southern Pines - lunch at Corfu Taverna, an inexpensive Greek restaurant in the heart of the historic district. Annual sidewalk sale. Wine Cellar and Tasting Room. Cameron - rustic antique shops.


Little Buddha's Mommy said...

Sounds interesting. Did you enjoy yourself?

ChrisM said...

I did not go, just heard about it. Sounded interesting and not too far.

mommy2many said...

You should try the little shops in the mountains of NC. I bought a ton of fresh mtn veggies last week, the tend to naturally be 'organic'. Homemade jams, jelly, honey and such. And it's awesome this time of year. Hiking to the top of a mtn does wonders for lungs full of city toxins.