Monday, September 20, 2010

Workout from Tom Venuto

  Arm circles 15 each direction (forward, backward)
  Tai Chi twists 15 each side (left, right)
  Trunk circles 10 each direction (left, right)
  Prisoner lunges (body weight) 15 per leg (left, right)
  Push-ups 15

Workouts are broken into Phase I and II, each lasting 4 weeks.  Each workout is done 3 times a week with at least a day of rest in between each workout.  Cardio can be done on rest days as well as workout days.  Ideally, give yourself one full rest day a week.  After repeating Phase I and II, two times each (16 weeks), take a week off.  Phase I is for muscle development and conditioning, Phase II is for strength.

  Phase I Phase II
Reps 12-15 6-10
Sets 3 3
Purpose Muscle Development Strength

There are two workouts (A and B) that are alternated.  The exercises are specially chosen and with the alternation give your body 96 hours between focusing on the same muscle group.  This gives you time to heal and avoid overtraining.  In addition, each workout utilizes supersets.  So for exercises A1 and A2, for example, one set of A1 is performed, followed by one set of A2, without rest in-between.  Then rest for one minute and perform the next set.  After 3 sets, move to the next exercise group.

  A1 Dumbbell squat (quads, lower body)  
  A2 Bird dog (lower back, gluts) 15-20 reps
  B1 Dumbbell split squat/static lunge (quads, lower back)  
  B2 Dumbbell row (horizontal pull)  
  C1 Dumbbell bench press (horizontal push)  
  C2 Plank (core) 30-60 sec
  D1 One legged toe raises (calves)  
  A1 Romanian dead lift (hips emphasized, lower body)  
  A2 Shoulder press (vertical push)  
  B1 One legged hip extension (hip dominant, lower body) 15-20 reps
  B2 Dumbbell pullover (vertical pull)  
  C1 Reverse crunch (lower abs) 15-20 reps
  C2 Cross knee crunch (abs and rotation) 15-20 reps
  D1 Dumbbell curl (biceps)  
  D2 Two-Dumbbell extension (triceps)  

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